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At the heart of GenWorld’s AI-powered writing contest is the belief that everyone has a unique story to tell, also has a story want to rewrite or add an ending. Contest’s goal is to provide aspiring writers from all walks of life with the opportunity and tools to share their stories, regardless of genre or style. As a collaborator in this event, Reiki will provide an additional reward of 200 USD to participants.

Prize Pool:


All users who create through Reiki will have the opportunity to participate in sharing Amazon gift vouchers worth a total of 200 USD.


#1: Trophy & certificate, choice of console (Switch, Xbox, PS5, Meta Quest3), contest merch provided by partners, up to $25,000 credits on AWS, story gamified on Steam/Itch

#2–3: Trophy & certificate, contest merch provided by partners, up to $15,000 credits on AWS, story gamified on Steam/Itch

#4–6: Trophy & certificate, contest merch provided by partners, up to $4,500 credits on AWS, story gamified on Steam/Itch

# Best Engagement Award: Trophy & certificate, up to $25,000 credits on AWS, story gamified on Steam/Itch

# Favorite Multi-Modal Story Award: Trophy & certificate, an iPhone 15 co-sponsored by and BlueFocus, story gamified on Steam/Itch

Plus: If the winners use Partners AI Tool, they will receive an additional bonus from partners.

And all the winners will get bragging rights, of course.


Word Count: < 5000 words

Theme: Unlimited. Original stories, rewritten stories, or completion of another story’s ending are all acceptable, provided they have not been previously published.

Presentation Format: Pure text story, or text + multimodal content display (video, images, etc.)

AI-Generated Story: The story and multimodal content must be generated by AI without human alterations. Proof of AI usage (screenshots or videos) must be submitted.

AI Tool Usage: No restrictions on AI models or tools (open-source models, or direct use of ChatGPT, Claude,, etc.). The method of using the model tools is also unrestricted (scripted interface calls are allowed, but relevant records must be provided to prove the story is AI-generated).

Judging Criteria: Professional writers, game and movie scriptwriters, and other experts will judge based on originality, coherence, character development, and other criteria.

Best Interaction Award: From November 15 to December 20, the work that receives the most likes, replies, shares, and other engagements on GenWorld Discord or other social media will be awarded.

Most Popular Multimodal Novel Award: For multimodal/interactive novels created using or other tools, from November 15 to December 20, we will calculate the popularity ranking based on the number of participants in the multimodal/interactive novel, as well as the shares, likes, replies, and other interactions generated on Discord or other social media.

How to dive in:

  • 🌟 Step 1: Create your bot on Reiki and fill out the entry form to win Amazon Gifts Vouchers.
  • 🌟 Step 2: Follow GenWorld’s Guide to join the contest.
  • 🌟 Step 3: Win Big: You could win some amazing prizes, and chances to see your creation showcased on GenWorld’s Discover page or the top press!

Why use Reiki:

  1. Deep Customization and Integration: Reiki offers extensive customization options, including appearance design and dataset integration, which is a significant advantage for users wanting to create more complex, personalized bots.
  2. Ease of Use and User-Friendly Interface: Reiki focuses on streamlined user interfaces and intuitive design, aiming to enable users of all skill levels to easily create and use bots.
  3. Cross-Platform Deployment: Reiki supports deploying bots across multiple platforms, such as websites and Discord, enhancing its utility in diverse environments and use cases.
  4. Innovative PoC (Proof of Creativity) Concept: Reiki emphasizes the value of the creative process through its PoC concept, offering a way to transform creativity into tangible assets.
  5. AI-Native Digital Asset Rights: This feature of Reiki allows users to convert their skills, knowledge, and data into NFTs, establishing intellectual property rights in the digital realm.

About Reiki

Reiki is an AI UGC (user-generated-chatbot) platform powered by Web3Go that provide no-code data2bot toolkits and blockchain-powered applications.

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