Moonbeam & Moonriver Staking Dashboards — Tracking and Simulation

Staking in Moonbeam & Moonriver

  1. Your supporting collator must be in the top 48 collators on Moonbeam and top 64 on Moonriver respectively by stake to be eligible to produce blocks and start to earn rewards.
  2. You must be in the top 300 nominations by stake in that collator’s campaign to be eligible for rewards sharing.
  3. Your rewards will be based on how much you contributed VS the total amount of contributions the collator received. So the greater the proportion, the higher the rewards will be.

The Moonbeam & Moonriver Staking Dashboards

Moonbeam & Moonriver Staking Dashboard by Web3Go
List of delegators of a selected collator

Staking Simulator

Reward History of Collator #1

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