RMRK NFT Garden | Dashboard Introduction

RMRK NFT garden is a powerful dashboard that real-time tracks market activities happening in the RMRK NFT marketplace.

RMRK has provided a protocol-first common standard of NFT for developers to follow and set up their development environment. Their standards include 0.1, 1.0.0, and 2.0.0, which are all based on protocol and strings. As there is no compulsory standard, the most commonly used one remains to be 1.0.0. The Web3Go RMRK NFT Garden dashboard will be analyzing NFTs of all existing RMRK standards.

Being said, the dashboard provides a macroscopic analysis of all NFT collections generated in the RMRK marketplace and the real-time trading activities. The dashboard is divided into three sessions: Market Overview, Mint Master, NFT Graph, which focus on the market activities, minting events and the subordinated relationship of different NFTs respectively.

A video introduction of the RMRK NFT Garden

Market Overview

NFT Market Overview

NFT market overview shows the latest market activities on RMRK, parameters including volume, transactions, listed prices, sale prices, and the number of buyers. Using Subquery to complete data indexing, this dashboard aims to give the latest information such as which NFT collection is most sought after in the market or considered good investments.

Let’s break down the table to see what it offers: from left to right, you can see the name of the NFT collection, the volume of all time, and the number of transactions of all time. We plan to add features to view daily or 12h volume and transactions to make it more time-sensitive. You can also find the maximum, average, and minimum listing prices, which include the price of each listing. However, we believe the selling prices are more relevant to an investment decision — at the end, your evaluation of an asset value will be based on how much it is actually sold, rather than how much it is listed in the market. You could also see the number of unique buyers for a collection, and when the collection was first created.

To look inside a specific NFT collection, you can come to an NFT Detail page of an NFT of choice. Typical data such as minimum, average and maximum sold price and listing price are displayed accordingly, alongside the volume, transaction amount, and unique buyers.

To help you better understand the prices, we have visualized the movement of prices in the “Average Price & Volume” column chart and “Price Range (Ave, Min, Max)” line chart.

The KANBIRD NFT collection — Overview

You are also able to find what transaction activities are involved in this NFT collection in the past 7 days:

The KANBIRD NFT collection — Transactions Graph

One might find a detailed list of NFTs included in a collection more conducive to their investment decision. You can find the exhaustive Item List of the collection and view detailed information of the specific NFT. For example, as you’re seeing on the image below, you can find the Item ID, which collection it belongs to, the creator of this NFT, the owner of this NFT, and where the metadata is stored (likely on IPFS). You are also able to see all minting, sending, and trading activities over time, and find the corresponding blocks of such on-chain events.

The KANBIRD NFT collection — Breakdown
The KANBIRD NFT collection — Item List — Item

Mint Master

If you’re interested in learning about the latest available NFT in the market, Mint Master does the job for you.

You can see the latest minted NFT collection sorted by the amount of minting in the last 24 hours on ‘Latest Mints’, and find the minting volume and size comparison on ‘Mint Volume 24H’. By clicking on an NFT project in the loop chart, you cancel such a project in the mint volume comparison.

Mint Master

NFT Graph

After the RMRK 2.0.0 NFT standard, NFTs of all versions normatively have the attributes of owning children and resources. Children are the properties or accessories that an NFT might own, for example, a hat, a weapon, a fancy background, etc. Resources are the skins or appearance of a certain NFT.

By indexing, associating, and visualizing a ‘tree’ of an NFT and its children and resources, we have a clear view of all branches and interrelationships related to an RMRK NFT. Learning how big a tree family a selected NFT belongs to tells, to some extent, the development maturity of such NFT.

NFT Graph

If you find this dashboard helpful, go explore: https://web3go.xyz/#/NFTProfiler, and tell us what you think!

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About Web3Go

Web3Go is an open data analytics platform that allows users to extract, curate, and visualize data with powerful yet easy-to-use tools.

Deeply rooted in the Polkadot ecosystem, Web3Go provides a series of Web 3 data-related services: Micro-level analysis and visualization of cross-chain assets transactions, parachain slot auctions, DeFi activities, and token transaction histories; Sophisticated address labeling system to create user portraits and accumulate user identity library according to the behavior data on the chain; Utilizing Substrate Smart Contract, a reward system is deployed to incentivize users to post data task and patronize data professions on Web3Go. Being said, Web3Go will provide the essential technical infrastructure for data applications of all kinds in the Polkadot ecosystem.




An open data analytics platform rooted in the Polkadot ecosystem

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An open data analytics platform rooted in the Polkadot ecosystem

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