Web3Go 2023 Annual Report: Crossing the Cycle

6 min readDec 29, 2023

As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s time to reflect on the remarkable journey Web3Go has embarked upon. From the lows of the crypto market to the promising rise of the bull market, Web3Go has witnessed significant shifts and embraced new opportunities. Join us as we take a memory-filled journey through the highlights of this year and get a glimpse of what awaits in the coming year.

Major Milestones:

Web3Go experienced several major milestones that shaped its path in 2023:

At the heart of our transformation, Web3Go successfully rebranded itself to Data Intelligence Network, capturing the essence of its vision and goals. Alongside this, we proudly re-announced our seed-round fundraising, securing the resources necessary to drive our future initiatives.

  • Brand Trinity Announcement:

Introducing a new era for Web3Go, we unveiled our brand trinity including Analytix, Reiki and Rye Alpha, a strategic framework that aligns our products, services, and values. This announcement marked a pivotal moment in our journey towards greater innovation and impact.

We’re so proud to be chosen for Intake 39 of the Hong Kong Cyberport Incubation Programme. This accomplishment has granted Web3Go membership in the Cyberport community. As a new member, Web3Go will utilize Hong Kong’s strategic location and policy benefits, along with its extensive experience in the data field, to further explore the advancement of applications and service networks in the “AI+Web3” domain.

Products and Services:

Web3Go expanded its product and service offerings, empowering individuals and businesses in the crypto, data and AI realms:

Our flagship V1 product series, Analytix, underwent significant enhancements, providing users with in-depth insights into on-chain data. Its advanced analytics capabilities enabled users to make informed on-chain data dashboard in the ever-evolving crypto landscape. During the year, we have onboarded BNB Chain, Moonbeam, Manta Network as our paid clients for the on-chain data service. Also, we’ve made dozens of on-chain data dashboard for different kinds of projects in BNB Chain and Polkadot ecosystem.

In September 2023, Web3Go introduced Reiki, an innovative all-in-one platform for creating and monetizing AI agents. As part of Web3Go’s V2 product series, Reiki revolutionized the way users interact with complex datasets and AI agents, while empowering creators to earn rewards from AI digital assets. Throughout the following months, we consistently released major feature updates to enhance user experiences, including Google account login and bot NFT minting. By December 2023, the platform had garnered over 200,000 monthly views and boasted an active pass holder base exceeding 100,000.

  • Reiki Business:

To address the requirements of businesses in search of advanced AI bot functionalities, Web3Go launched Reiki Business. This enterprise-grade solution enabled web3 projects to harness the power of AI-driven data intelligence, fostering growth and innovation. In the current year, BNB Chain has begun utilizing our Reiki AI bot service in their official Discord server and documentation website, greatly enhancing their community and documentation management capabilities.

Marketing and Operations:

Web3Go’s marketing and operational efforts played a vital role in establishing a strong presence in the industry:

  • Channels and Contents:

Our marketing strategy focused on expanding our presence across various channels, engaging and educating our audience through informative and engaging content. We strived to provide valuable insights and foster a community of like-minded individuals. Remember to follow us.

Web3Go: Website | X(Twitter) | Discord | Telegram | Medium | LitePaper | Youtube | Binance Live | Zealy Mission

Reiki: Website | X(Twitter) | LitePaper | OpenSea(Passport NFT) | OpenSea(Bot NFT)

Analytix: Website | X(Twitter) | LitePaper

Rye Alpha: X(twitter)

  • Collaborations and Partnerships:

Collaborating with talent teams, we developed high-quality products that aimed to grow and inspire. Through strategic partnerships with ecosystems, projects and communities, we expanded our reach, forging relationships that furthered our mission to empower individuals and businesses.

  • Campaigns and Activities:

Web3Go launched impactful campaigns and organized meaningful activities to build brand awareness and foster community engagement. These initiatives aimed to create a vibrant ecosystem where users could learn, collaborate, and thrive.

  • Community Building:

Recognizing the importance of a strong community, Web3Go invested in community-building efforts. We facilitated interactions, organized community calls, and supported initiatives that nurtured a sense of belonging and collaboration within our community.

IRL Exposure:

Web3Go actively participated in key events, gaining exposure and connecting with industry leaders:

  • Polkadot Decoded 2023:

As an avid supporter of blockchain interoperability and an active builder in Polkadot ecosystem, Web3Go was thrilled to participate in Polkadot Decoded 2023. This event served as a platform to share insights, collaborate, and contribute to the growth of the Polkadot ecosystem.

  • Token2049 Singapore:

Web3Go joined the prestigious Token2049 conference in Singapore, where we engaged with industry experts, showcased our innovative solutions, and forged valuable partnerships. It was an opportunity to exchange ideas and contribute to the evolution of the blockchain industry.

  • HK Web3 Month:

Web3Go actively participated in the Web3 Hong Kong Month, presentations, and knowledge-sharing sessions. We aimed to empower individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the world of Web3 technologies.

2024 Right In the Corner:

Looking ahead, Web3Go has exciting plans in store for the coming year:

  • Airdrop:

To express our gratitude and appreciation to our loyal community, Web3Go has planned several exclusive airdrop campaigns. Stay tuned for exciting rewards and opportunities to be a part of our journey.

  • New Websites, New Products, and New Paradigm:

Web3Go is gearing up for a significant expansion in 2024. We will unveil new and improved websites, making it easier for users to access our products and services. Additionally, we have groundbreaking new products and paradigm-shifting initiatives in the pipeline, promising to redefine the crypto and AI landscape.

As we raise our glasses to welcome the new year, Web3Go extends its heartfelt gratitude to each and every supporter. Your unwavering attention and contribution have propelled us forward. We’re excited to embark on another transformative year, where we will continue to empower individuals and businesses through our innovative solutions.

Here’s to a prosperous and inspiring 2024! Cheers!




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