Web3Go Bi-Weekly Report: December 1st — December 15th

2 min readDec 15, 2023

Over the last two weeks, Web3Go has witnessed a series of substantial advancements, marking pivotal moments in our ongoing journey. Looking back at this interval, the array of accomplishments garnered is indeed striking. These fourteen days have been a testament to our trailblazing innovations and synergistic partnerships, underscoring a truly extraordinary phase in our progression.


  • Web3Go:

Participated in an AMA, organized by Ctalks.

Proclaimed the inauguration of our Community Club within the SWAGGA Metaverse.

  • Reiki:

The fortnight-long BNB Eco-Brain Open Creathon reached its culmination, marking the attainment of numerous significant milestones.

Announced our collaboration with Lifeform for integrating an AI bot, and also an Airdrop Event on #LifeformPremium.

  • Analytix:

Continuously displayed the top 10 Dapps on @MantaNetwork Pacific, selected based on the zenith of transactional activities.

Highlighted the real-time block data capabilities of the BNB Chain Monitor, spurred by the burgeoning interest in bsc-20 inscriptions.


  • Zealy New Tasks:

Restarted the Zealy Sprint event, aimed at fostering greater engagement within our community.

  • BNB Eco-Brain Open Creathon Bot Testing:

Our moderation team dedicated their efforts to assisting our partners in rigorously examining each participant’s bot, offering impartial insights for the adjudication process.


  • Reiki:

Our users have enthusiastically embraced the “bot NFT” feature, leading us to forge a partnership with Element Marketplace, renowned for its outstanding front-end interface in the NFT domain.

We have embarked on the development of innovative features in preparation for our upcoming major launch.

  • Analytix:

Our commitment to providing steadfast services to our business partners remains unwavering, and we have successfully drawn in individual analysts to craft their personalized dashboards.

Over the preceding fortnight, the Web3Go team has experienced a highly fruitful phase. Significant advancements have been achieved across several critical sectors, solidifying our stance for continued progress in the realms of Web3 and AI. The support we’ve garnered along this journey is deeply appreciated!

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