Web3Go Bi-Weekly Report: November 1st — November 15th

2 min readNov 15, 2023

In the past fortnight, Web3Go has made significant strides, reaching several key milestones that have pushed us forward on our journey. Reflecting on this period, it’s impressive to see the numerous achievements we have made. From pioneering innovations to fruitful collaborations, our journey over these two weeks has been quite remarkable.


  • Web3Go:

Joined TinTinLand Web3 Developer Gather event and share our progress.

Be invited to join Polkadot Hong Kong Day 2023 and give a presentation.

Joined in the AMA session hosted by SecondLive.

Started collaboration with @LightCycle_City.

  • Reiki:

Announced an important feature update: Google login.

Announced Reiki AI Bot Creathon Season 2: Botsonality.

Released our first completely AI-made trailer video and introduced “Proof of Creativity”.

Initiated collaboration with @MathWallet and were listed on their mathdapp store.

Announced that BNB Chain officially integrated our AI bot service into their documentation website.

Were listed on BNBProject.

  • Analytix:

Initiated collaboration with @MathWallet and were listed on their mathdapp store.

Showcased our on-chain data dashboard made for Lifeform, Manta Network and Moonbeam Network.


  • Community Call: We have conducted two community calls, one in the global channel and another in the Chinese channel.
  • Zealy New Tasks: We have created new tasks on the Zealy platform to help grow the community.
  • Reiki AI Bot Creathon Season 2: We are having our Season 2 AI Bot creathon on Reiki and encouraged our members’ creations.


  • Reiki:

We have officially opened Reiki to all users with the new Google login feature. All users can use the AI bot creation toolkits, but only the Reiki Passport NFT holders have access to the Golden Leaves Market.

We have gathered feedback from our community call and are currently enhancing it by introducing more user-friendly features.

We are developing the next major feature, which is related to the “AI digital asset.”

We’ve optimized the SaaS tool for our Reiki Business clients and have brought on board several partners for pre-testing.

  • Analytix:

We have continued to maintain services for our business partners and have attracted individual analysts to create their own dashboards.

The past two weeks have proven to be quite productive for the Web3Go team. We’ve made substantial progress in numerous vital areas, placing us in a robust position to keep advancing in the Web3 and AI field. We genuinely value all the support we’ve received!

About Web3Go

Web3Go is a data intelligence network that connecting humans, data, and AI. By leveraging the synergy of streaming data and AI, Web3Go creates an infrastructure that facilitates the acquisition, comprehension, and dissemination of data, knowledge and experiences. This infrastructure will have a low-threshold entry, allowing everyone to participate and continuously enhance and improve the network using their skills and intelligence.

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