Web3Go Bi-Weekly Report: October 1st — October 15th

2 min readOct 16, 2023

Over the past two weeks, Web3Go has achieved a series of incredible milestones that have propelled us forward on our exciting journey. It is truly amazing to look back and see the multitude of accomplishments we have experienced during this period. From groundbreaking innovations to successful collaborations, our adventure over these past two weeks has been absolutely extraordinary.


  • Web3Go:

Quoted in the ecosystem map of Manta Network.

Joined in the AMA sessions hosted by Flock.io and Cassava Network.

Started collaboration with @Web3HackX and created 2 sub-bounties.

  • Reiki:

Initiated The XDoge campaign in collaboration with @ArbDoge_AI, which garnered more than 50k views on social media.

Secured 2 media partners and 19 community partners to support the XDoge campaign.

Published user guide tutorial videos on Twitter for Reiki.


  • Community Mini Games: We have scheduled Poker Night and Smash Kart Game for our community members.
  • Zealy New Tasks: We have created new tasks on the Zealy platform to help grow the community.
  • Web3Go Merchandise OG Giveaway: We have used our merchandise to give back to our OG members.
  • Reiki AI Bot Creathon: We have had our first season AI Bot creathon on Reiki and encouraged our members’ creations.


  • Reiki: We have officially launched the Reiki website and onboarded the first batch of AI Bot creators. In the past 2 weeks, over 700 bots have been created. Additionally, we have collected feedback from our community regarding the product and are working on improving it and releasing more user-friendly features.
  • Analytix: We have continued to maintain services for our business partners and have attracted individual analysts to create their own dashboards.

Overall, the past two weeks have been highly productive for the Web3Go team. We have made significant strides in several key areas, and we are in a strong position to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation in the Web3 and AI field. We sincerely appreciate all the support we have received!

About Web3Go

Web3Go is a data intelligence network that connecting humans, data, and AI. By leveraging the synergy of streaming data and AI, Web3Go creates an infrastructure that facilitates the acquisition, comprehension, and dissemination of data, knowledge and experiences. This infrastructure will have a low-threshold entry, allowing everyone to participate and continuously enhance and improve the network using their skills and intelligence.

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