Web3Go Delivered Milestone 1 for Our Web3 Foundation Grant

  • On-chain transaction data indexing. Web3Go has used services from SubQuery to extract on-chain data and store it in a formatted manner. In the Polkadot Network, each parachain can define its own Event or call, so the indexer of any given parachain must adapt to its metadata, and there will be multiple indexer instances.
  • Address labeling and tagging. The labeling module gives crypto addresses different labels based on their historical activities, e.g. token transfer, DeFi event participation, etc, making it easy to monitor what’s happening on the blockchain. Existing labels include “Big Whale”, “High Activity”, [exchange name], [DeFi platform name], and more.
  • Data visualization and interactive dashboards. Our various data boards are the visualization results of data analysis customized by our team or created by the community, which can display valuable, professionally analyzed information generated in the Polkadot ecosystem.

Our Trajectory

Team members

  • Hao: CEO & founder. MSc in IT of University Stuttgart.
  • Yifei: Advisor. PhD of Tokyo University.
  • Minqi: CTO. Master of University Columbia.
  • Yunjian: VP & Lead of Engineering. Bachelor of University Suzhou.

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Web3Go (web3go.xyz) is a multi-chain Web3.0 open data analytics platform and data service provider