Web3Go Monthly Report — November 2023

3 min readNov 30, 2023

November has been a productive month for us at Web3Go. Due to your consistent support and our team’s hard work, we have reached significant milestones. Let’s take a moment to review the progress we’ve made this month.

You can check our progress in the first half of the month by visiting this link:


Now, let’s proceed to the second half of the month.


  • Web3Go:

We were featured in a post on BSC Daily as Portfolio of Binance labs in 2023.

We participated as a partner in the AI Empowerment Carnival hosted by #StarryNift and #Trantor, the BTC #GPT Co-Creation Event hosted by Flock.io, and in the @zypher_games first z2048 Tournament.

We also built a partnership with @SWAGGA_Meta.

  • Reiki:

We partnered in the “What if…?” AI Generated Story Contest by @GenWorld2023.

The championship of Reiki AI Bot Creathon Season 2: Botsonality was announced.

We’ve officially launched our newest major feature update: bot NFT mint.

Together with 10 partners in the BNB Chain ecosystem, we initiated the Reiki “BNB Eco-Brain” Open Creathon.

We had a PR release in Chinese by Foresight News.

  • Analytix:

We have started showcasing the Top 10 Dapps on @MantaNetwork Pacific with the highest number of transactions, along with the data dashboard on @MoonbeamNetwork.


  • Community Call:

We conducted a community call to share our latest updates.

  • Reiki AI Bot Creathon Season 2:

We assigned rewards and roles to the winners of the second season of the AI Bot Creathon on Reiki.

  • Global Poker Night Tournament

We hosted a poker night event to engage our community members.

  • Reiki BNB Eco-Brain Open Creathon

We are updating our tutorials and encouraging the community to participate in our first open creathon, which includes external projects.


  • Reiki:

We’ve launched the bot NFT minting feature for all users. Now, users can use their MetaMask wallets to turn their bots into NFTs as on-chain proof.

We’ve also updated our website’s UI and UX. This allows users to view and trade their bot NFTs on Element, an NFT marketplace.

Additionally, we’ve updated several features on the SaaS platform of Reiki Business. We shared these updates with some of our close partners to test and gather feedback.

  • Analytix:

We have continued to maintain services for our business partners and have attracted individual analysts to create their own dashboards.

The past month has been productive for the Web3Go team. We’ve made significant progress in key areas and are well-positioned to continue innovating in the Web3 and AI field. We appreciate all the support we’ve received!

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