Web3Go Monthly Summary — August 2022

1 min readSep 2, 2022


It has been a busy month in August 2022, here is what our team has done:

First week of August

✅ Joint AMA with WXBlockchain, Meta Defender, and Web3Games on twitter space, discussing development of web3 dApps.

✅ Joint AMA with hamster, teeproject etc. “whether Polkadot will be the ETH killer”

✅ Join Web3Bootcamp training sessions

✅ Continuous development within the Binance Labs MVB V incubation program.

Second Week Of August

✅ Web3Go joint the Parity Summit in Cambridge UK, discussed technical blueprint of parity/polkadot.

✅ Official partnership with NodeReal (nodereal.io) was announced.

✅ Informative interview by The Kusamarian

Third Week Of August

✅ Continuous development of data dashboards for our partner OAK Network.

✅ Continuous development of data dashboards for BAS chains.

✅ Joint AMA with Hamster, CESS, PAKA, PolkaWorld and TechShow on Twitter Space with topic of “New projects confidence in Polkadot Ecosystem”.

✅ Joint Training of Binance MVB V Incubation Program.

Find more about us:

Web3Go Official Communities: https://linktr.ee/Web3Go




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