Web3Go x NodeReal — Providing faster & better data analytics and services for Web3 users

Who is NodeReal?

How will the Partnership benefit Web3Go?

Web3Go will cooperate with NodeReal in the following areas:

  • NodeReal will become the node service supplier for WebGo: Web3Go will use its MegaNode service to pull data, which are then analyzed and displayed by Web3Go in their rich data dashboards.
  • Data service for BNB side chains: currently Web3Go is developing for BNB side chains various data dashboards to reveal the value behind. NodeReal will accelerate and support this by providing the fundamental service infrastructure, joining Web3Go to offer great data services for BNB side chains.
  • Community cooperation: we will listen to both communities of Web3Go and NodeReal, collect needs from them and provide a better joint data service to help communities to better explore Web3.0 with our data analytics and service.

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Web3Go (web3go.xyz) is a multi-chain Web3.0 open data analytics platform and data service provider