Web3Go x OAK Network: Crowdloan related data services

  • Real-time track contributions made towards their Crowdloan, and
  • View addresses’ labels to see contribution sources, and
  • View the details of top contributors by the number of contributions or KSM contributed.
Turing Network Crowdloan overview on Web3Go
  • An overview of the Crowdloan progress: total raised (KSM), number of contributions, number of contributors, hard cap, progress(in percentage) .
  • A full list of all contributions with data including contributor address, amount (of KSM contributed), ratio (this contribution divided by total raised), and time.
  • Sorting contributions by the latest/oldest, the most amount/least amount
  • Seeing where the contributions were made by checking address label. For ex, an address labeled with ‘Bifrost (SALP)’ has contributed using Bifrost, while an address labeled with ‘Bifrost Proxy’ has contributed in a sum by Bifrost representing the underlying users.
  • Seeing the top 5 contributions by the number of contributions or by the amount of KSM staked.
Top 5 contributors by number of contributions (towards OAK Network)
  • View how many KSM was raised on each date during the whole period of the crowdloan campaign
Total KSM raised during the OAK Network Crowdloan



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